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Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber

EnviroLife FSC Certified

Visstun® Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber
Visstun's "Everything Green" program has added 35% Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber (PCF) to ALL paper cup, container, & lid products in 2019 - at no additional cost to customers! This includes our Paper Hot, Cold, and Microwave cups and containers as well as our Vx2™ Double Wall Cups and P2™ paper lids.

Why focus on Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber? Right now, the United States has a recycling crisis. Consumers are recycling paperboard products more than ever... But, there's nowhere for it to go! Visstun® decided that providing a use for PCF in our paper cups and containers is an important, socially responsible first step.

Our choice is Sustana® EnviroLifeā„¢ - an FSC® certified, 100% post-consumer recycled fiber that is FDA compliant for use in direct food contact packaging at 100% inclusion. View a PDF from the makers of EnviroLife™.