NEW Vx2 Double Wall Paper Cup Lead Time

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Vx2<sup>™</sup> Double Wall Paper Cup Lead Time

9 oz X2D9XHD9 5 Working Days 3-Day & 4-Day 3-Day 62.50/v, 4-Day $50/v
12 oz X2D3XHD3 5 Working Days 3-Day & 4-Day 3-Day 62.50/v, 4-Day $50/v
16 oz X2D6XHD6 5 Working Days 3-Day & 4-Day 3-Day 62.50/v, 4-Day $50/v

Standard Lead Time

Standard lead time is 5 working days from receipt of approved output-ready art for up to 50,000 pieces. 3-day and 4-day rush is available for up to 5,000 pieces. Lead times and rush charges are based upon the receipt of final art approval and complete order instructions - not when an order is submitted. Art that is not output-ready usually requires additional lead time. Always allow time to acquire art and proof approval.

Contact us for order verification. All order details, including PO, output-ready art, shipping instructions, and payment arrangements must be received by Noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern Time). Art must conform to our Art Check List.

FREE PDF "Paper" Proof sent for reference ONLY. Add one day or $50/v for PDF approval if required. The shortest lead time available is 3 days from approved, output-ready art. Quantities over 5,000 may incur additional charges – call for details.

Rush charges cover any special handling, overtime, and other factors necessary to meet a rush schedule. Order changes made after an order is submitted will affect delivery dates and rush charges may be incurred to maintain scheduled ship date.