Paper HOT Container Lids

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Paper HOT Container Lids

Reusable V3® Lid

Our reusable V3® Lids are sized for our Tall 12 oz, Tall 16 oz, and Tall 21 oz cups, as well as all container sizes. Available as a stock lid or custom printed to complement any cup promotion or container.
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STOCK V3® LIDS: Stock V3® lids are available with either a white or black rim. The center area can be clear plastic or white paper. Standard lead times apply.

Clear Drink Lid

CUSTOM PRINTED V3® LIDS: 25,000 piece minimum and 6 week lead time. Custom rim colors available.

Clear Drink Lid

CUSTOM PRINTED V3® INSERTS: 2,500 piece minimum. The inserts are shipped separately from the V3® lids, so you can snap them into the stock V3® lids right when you need them.

V3 Lid Inserts