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Frequently Asked Questions

How competitive is Visstun®
One question I get asked is, "How competitive is Visstun price wise?" Honestly, you can get low volume, one color cups from a lot of vendors for less. However, when you need 2,500 pieces or more, two or more colors, or printing on multiple sides, you’ll find Visstun comparable or less expensive. PLUS, you'll get our awesome full color, Hi-Definition print which completely blows the ordinary 1 or 2-color prints away. Our cups only LOOK expensive but deliver better graphics and more impact at very competitive prices. We are really competitive in the 2,500 to 10,000,000 piece volumes making us the industry's leading hi-definition, high volume cup & container manufacturer.

I know the plastic cups are reusable, but how long do they last?
It's hard to determine exactly how long without knowing where and how they will be used. We can say that many of us have cups we have washed and used for over a year and they still look good! These cups are tough and will stand up to frequent use.

Are the cups dishwasher safe?
Yes! Visstun® PLASTIC cups are top-shelf dishwasher safe and can be washed many times.

Are the cups recyclable?
Visstun® plastic cups are recyclable in areas where polypropylene plastic (5) is recycled.

Are the cups freezer grade?
Visstun® cups and containers are used across many applications from frozen to microwave and everything in-between. Our paper cups are freezer grade however our clear and white plastic cups, containers, and V3 Clear lids are not made using a freezer grade plastic. It is important to test our products for your specific application.

Does Visstun test cups or containers with customer's product for a specific use?
Visstun does not perform any application testing using customer's product. Customers have the full responsibility to test any cup or container to ensure they are suitable for their use and application. If samples are needed to complete application testing, please let us know. Our full policy is on our website and all of our testing documents are available for download. We want to make sure everyone is successful using our unique mix of cups, containers, and lids. Testing to make sure Visstun products will work with your products is a key step to ensure success and avoid problems.

What styles and colors are available?
Visstun® cups are printed to be virtually any color within the range of 4-Color Process printing, and available in WHITE Plastic, CLEAR Plastic, Paper HOT, Microwavable, and Paper COLD.

How many colors can I print?
You can use all of the colors reproducible by 4-Color Process (CMYK), so your options are virtually unlimited. Spot/PMS colors are converted to 4-Color Process.

What if I only need a simple 1-Color cup?
Absolutely. Our Hi-Definition print process makes all art look better than traditional print methods like silk-screen and pad printing. Bring on the fine text, thin lines, tight registration, and full cup prints!! Our BASIC 1:2 program makes our one & two color paper cups and containers economical and awesome!

Is there an extra charge for 2-sided printing?
No! Except for the underside (bottom) of the cup and the inside, the print covers the entire cup.

What is Visstun's capacity and minimum order?
Our minimum order is 250 for White Plastic, Paper HOT, Paper COLD cups/containers, and Microwavable Paper containers, 250 for Clear Plastic cups and 1,000 for Clear Plastic containers. A full listing of minimum quantities is here. Our full capacity is over 300 million cups/year.

What is the lead time?
Our standard lead time is one to four weeks depending on product, volume, and when the order is placed.

How are they made?
First, FLAT sheets are printed on our commercial printing presses for a print quality that far surpasses old-style cup imprinting methods. Second, FLAT printed sheets are die-cut to the characteristic "fan-shape" sidewall form needed to manufacture the cup. Finally, using our custom engineered cup machinery, the FLAT printed and die-cut sheet is formed into the basic cup shape, the bottom is placed and heat-sealed, and the top lip formed – all at speeds over 140 cups/minute.
Check out our video here: How Cups are Made

Do I need to worry about inventory issues?
Other cup manufacturers need a large inventory because they don't manufacture their own cups and need stock cups readily available. Visstun®, however, manufactures cups from start to finish so we don't run into inventory issues.

What does it cost to use stock art?
It's FREE!

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