Microwavable Container Lids

Microwavable Container Lids

NEW P2 Hi-Definition, Full-Color, Snap-Fit Paper Lids

Finally, a Hi-Definition, Full-Color lid that matches Visstun's Hi-Definition Full-Color Cups. Now you can build a complete cup & lid combo with unrivaled promotional impact.

P2 Paper Lids

Full Custom P2 Lids

This is the ultimate printed lid option with Hi-Definition, Full-Color print on the top and side. Print seamlessly registered text and continuous, uninterrupted images to match and augment your cup's graphics creating a complete package with unrivaled shelf appeal. 500 piece minimum order.

P2 Full Custom Lids

Print Registration: These lids are not produced using a "spiral wound" side. Spiral wound lids have repeating diagonal seams spaced around the lid that interrupts the graphics and makes graphic registration difficult. The graphics are usually printed as a repeating pattern that registers poorly to the lid's side. The side of Visstun P2™ lids have a small, single, vertical seam and are printed and formed in register. This gives you the ability to print pretty much anything you want on the side and top. Due to the formation process, the graphics on the side and top cannot be aligned to each other. These lids, like our cups, are printed using Hi-Definition, Full-Color offset and digital lithography so your brand image and imagination is presented without compromise.

Semi-Custom Lids

This economical option pairs a Hi-Definition, Full-Color top with a standard white or black side. With a low single-case / 500 piece minimum, this lid is a great starting point for new custom projects.

P2 Semi-Custom Lids

Blank Lids

Stock P2™ lids are available in either white or black. Minimum order one case / 500 pieces.

P2 Lids - top view

Snap-Fit: Our P2™ paper lids have a Snap-Fit design that allows the cup rim to snap into the lid with a feel similar to plastic lids. Other paper lids rely on a friction fit without the positive lock of our Snap-Fit design. Snap-Fit keeps the lid in place from shipment to sale.

Paper P2 Lid Sizes

Size Code 13 16 21
Quantity/Case 500 500 500
lbs/Case 11lbs 10lbs 10lbs
12oz Short 16oz Pint 16oz Mid
Size Code T8 U2 T2 T6 R6 U6 3Q
Quantity/Case 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
lbs/Case 9lbs 11lbs 10lbs 14lbs 13lbs 11lbs 11lbs

* All products must be tested to ensure that they will be appropriate for each specific use. Creating borders in art is not recommended as our 1/16" variance will be noticable.